Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby check up

So, we took Juju for her 15mo check up today, a little early, but we will be in Africa when she actually turns 15mo. She is growing well, is healthy and strong, and has even inched her way up the growth chart by a few percentage points!! WooHoo!! She is now at 50% for height and 30% for weight. Go baby!! But she did get two horrible shots today, one in each thigh, which just breaks a mommy's heart! To see her precious little face looking around, smiling at everyone, maybe wondering why everyone is crowding in on her, and then BLAM! Two gigantic bee stings on her legs. Oh the betrayal!! Oh the horror!! How could this happen??? She was crushed, and cried and cried and cried. Not any normal cry, but the body heaving, can't catch a breath in between type of cry. It was awful!!! But then they gave her a chocolate lollipop, and she was all better. That's my little princess!

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  1. Yuck, shots are no fun I will agree with you there. I just got an email from Tina and it reminded me that you are leaving on Monday. Please know you are in my prayers. I will keep this spot in my bookmarks so I can keep up with you each week. I can't wait to hear all the stories. I pray your trip is as uneventful as it can be while you are headed there. I love you all!
    Jen Henson


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