Friday, June 20, 2008

Safari to Village

So, on Monday, we made our way to Kandaria village to visit the family there. On the way out to the village from Kisumu we stopped in to check on a project that was started up for the orphans of House of Hope.

This is a micro-enterprise business development that Pastor Jack in involved in. They are teaching orphan boys the trade of bicycle repair, so that they may work on their own in the future. Currently they have around 35 boys in the program. How cool! And no trip around Africa would be complete without children screaming and waves, and cows walking by.
We drove on tarmac littered with huge potholes most of the way out there, and then traveled a very rocky, uneven, rough dirt road for the rest of the way. It is tough to get out there, but once you do, the eyes feast on such beauty as no city-dweller could ever see. Shortly after we arrived in the village, we watch a rainstorm blow across the valley below. I tell you, our God is incredibly creative and adores beauty. Yeah, this was our view.

The Obong'o land has a handful of homes on it, the first belonging to the father, and the others built by the sons. This is the view from Ogai's house (Ogai is a very respectful term for elder men, it is what they call Rev's father).

The women who live in the village work very hard under very simple conditions. This is the kitchen where all the food is prepared for the family. It is behind the house where we sleep.

And speaking of simple conditions, here is the infamous latrine that we were blessed to use. Here they call it the cho, complete with flies, ants , and snakes.

That evening, the brothers and a local pastor gathered "under the tree" (the meeting room for the Obong'o land) to discuss the meeting that would take place the next day.

Juju got a chance to meet and greet Quaru (Luo for grandfather).

And then Toria moved in for the greetings.

Um, yeah, that would would be my hottie. (Totally inappropriate side-note).

The next day, the leadership community of Kandaria gathered along with a guest from the states to discuss empowerment/betterment options for the village. They first took tea, of course.When tea was finished they adjourned to the official meeting "under the tree." It was a very productive meeting that ranged the topics of education, water, jobs, training, food, healthcare, sickness, and orphans. Whoo. It was very intense and incredibly interesting to hear this leadership team flesh out the issues within their own community and then brainstorm ways forward.

Back at home, the ladies were busy preparing the lunchtime feast for after the meeting. And did they ever prepare a feast!!

And it seems that there were some pineapples theives among the cooks. But who could turn down such a face?
That's all for now y'all. We are back in Kisumu now. We arrived on Friday evening and are now awaiting Rev's arrival from Nairobi. He is on a plane as I type and will be in shortly this morning, Saturday morning. I love y'all and can't thank you enough for adventuring with us, on your knees. Glory to God for His faithfulness!


  1. How totally, completely amazing to see photos of what you're doing!!!!

    I love the title of your blog, by the way. :)

  2. You're such an inspiration!! I'm so glad we got reconnected.
    Some day I'd love to hear what you've been up to....everything between Cypress, TX & Africa :-)

  3. Aby was very excited to see pictures of Juju and Toria and was asking who everyone else was other than your hubby. BTW tell him happy b-day tomorrow (or is that today?)

  4. I love being able to "follow" you on your journey. When you pull out your laptop and start blogging, I just wonder how many eyes are curious about what in the world you are doing... or are they more technologically advanced than I am giving them credit for?

    I also loved the "hottie" caption for Samson. I would expect nothing less from his adoring wife!!!

    BTW, see if you can get someone to take a photo of YOU! :)


  5. Hey Lady,
    Love reading your Blog. You are such a good writter.
    Your little ones are growing by leaps and bounds. Just like you have done. Don't look away too long or they too will be grown.
    Let us know when you would like to come and stay with us again. We would love it.
    Kisses and best wishes,


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