Friday, June 13, 2008

Nasty Mosquitoes and Precious Girls

So, I would like to ask y’all for a little extra prayer coverage for the girls for their health and well-being. We are hoping to start them on some anti-malarial medication within the next few days. We are consulting David about which one will be right for them (for their size and age) and where we can get it. This is just prophylaxis. They do not have malaria. I repeat: They do NOT currently have malaria.

But in the short few days that we have been here, the mosquitoes seem to be feasting on my sweet little girls. We go to bed at night and in the morning, Samson and I are untouched, but the girls will have several new bites all over their bodies, even though they are wearing full pajamas. We are headed to Kisumu later on this evening, and it is supposedly warm and rainy there, and the mosquitoes have been persistently nasty. Just about everyone in the family there has had a bout with malaria, and so we are taking precautions for the girls. I would just like to amp up the prayer coverage over them for this reason.

On a side note, somewhere between leaving Tucson and arriving in Nairobi, Juju seems to have cut two new teeth. She did remarkably well with them, as neither one of us even noticed new teething until I saw the teeth sticking up last night.

Victoria has been an incredible ambassador since we arrived here in Nairobi. She has just been a chatty little girl with almost everyone she sees, stopping to ask folks their names and how they are doing. She is definitely her daddy’s daughter. She doesn’t get that from me.

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