Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back Online - Updated with photos

***Updated with photos

This photo is from the London airport. I just couldn't resist posting it because I think that they are two of the most precious people in the world! Who doesn't love a good cuddle with daddy?

Well, we are online once again. We had gotten a wireless modem when we arrived to Kenya, for the sake of staying connected and being able to continue working arrangements for the various things that we are doing here, and for several days it was on the blitz, refusing to open at all. So now we are reconnected and it seems that I need to catch everyone up before we fall too far behind.

Currently the girls are napping and the Rev. has made his way back into town, with the girls and I remaining as official villagers in the bush of Kenya for the next several days. This is going to be an adventure! But now I have gotten ahead of myself. Let me reverse a bit.

So we arrived in Kisumu on Friday evening, after taking a short and very loud flight from Nairobi. I have never flown into Kisumu before, and I am not necessarily the biggest fan of those small hopper planes, so I got to paint on a cheerful face in order to create a cheerful heart. And by God's grace and mercy, we arrived safe and sound, and were welcomed by a small host of friends and family who had been waiting at the airport to greet us.

Saturday morning I was informed that I was going to preach at Pastor Oketch's church on Sunday morning for the English-speaking service, less than 24 hours away. Preach. I contemplated vomiting and then crying, or crying and then vomiting, but when the girls laid down for their afternoon naps, God helped me put words and organization to things that He had been laying on my heart to share. Little did I know that it would be shared the following morning.

It was great though, and as far as I know, God spoke a word that morning, that we all needed to hear. It was very exciting, and I am truly humbled and honored for the opportunity to share God's Word.

After church, we adjourned to the beach front of Lake Victoria to enjoy a feast of fish. Now, for those who know me, you know that I am not the biggest fan of seafood, of any kind. I've seen people get down right vicious when it comes to the last shrimp in the bowl, but I am certainly not one of those folks. But I do have to say that the fish that comes out of Lake Victoria is hard to beat, and who could turn down such a loving face?
We then enjoyed a short, restful afternoon, only to head back to the church so that the Rev could preach in the evening service. Our precious Juju decided to help him out.

Monday morning we loaded up and began the journey out to the village, where I have been ever since. It was good to come home and see the family. We were welcomed very warmly, especially the granddaughters, though they weren't quite sure about the place at the time. They have adjusted well now and run around it as if they own it.
Tuesday we welcomed various leadership from across the community into a meeting with us and a partnering organization in order to brainstorm a plan of betterment and empowerment for the people of this village. It was so interesting to listen to them talk about the struggles and challenges they are facing as a community here, and their hearts' desire to find a better way for future generations. By God's grace, a way will be made.

Rev left on Tuesday evening with the other visitors in order to head back to Kisumu so that he could catch a flight back to Nairobi on Wednesday, that would be today. He will be gone until Friday, and we will stay here with the family until then.

I have more pictures to put up, but the camera is in the other room where the girls are sleeping right now, so I will try to do that later or tomorrow. We are all doing well, having adjusted to being here. Life is so different here, humbling. We took a sponge bath yesterday afternoon, outside in an outhouse type of structure. And I have to say that of all the things to miss, I most miss a toilet. Simple. Toilet. Thank God for the facilities He has blessed you with. Lest you have a fly-swarming hole to squat over. The other night, we were out at the squatty potty (Toria and I). She had finished her business and was standing just outside of it, waiting for mommy to finish her business, when she announced, "Look mommy, it's a snake." Wanna see a white hiney move faster than an African cheetah? Tell her there's a snake coming into the latrine. The best part, in the end it was only a caterpillar. I guess to a toddler, that looks like a snake. That's a nice visual to end on today. Love y'all.


  1. Shauna, thank you for being so diligent in sharing your experiences with us. I pray that God continues to bless you in your trip. Don't worry... I won't comment on every post you make... I guess I just want to demonstrate some support for you.. no matter how small. Love you, sister! xoxo

  2. Shauna-
    Hey your "snake" story made me smile. Maybe in a while you can grin about it too. It just amazes me how God uses his littlest of children to speak his words and show his love and patience and kindness..... I am praying for you and your family!

  3. Isn't it so amazing how we can be humbled by something as simple as sitting on a toilet...or..not sitting on a toilet. lol. Keep up the posts. We are praying for you guys daily! May His Grace be sufficient!!

  4. African cheetah, huh? lol. You guys are too funny. Thank you for sharing all these stories Shauna. We miss you all.


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