Friday, June 6, 2008


No, I am not referring to me, though the babies did leave their mark. We are knee deep in packing, cleaning, and preparing to leave. Is this an acceptable carry-on?
Seriously, who could say no to this face? She's got her dolls and all. She's ready to go.So we have packed 7 bags, redistributed things, weighed, reweighed, and we are still 26 lbs over the weight limit. The problem is, I am too good when it comes to packing. Seriously. Don't worry. I won't pack the baby. So when I have a bag that's overweight, I have been moving things around, trying to redistribute it into a lighter bag. I think there's something wrong with the scale though. Seriously, I've been saying this for years, but this time I mean it. I'll move a really small thing into an underweight bag, and it will shoot way over, or not change at all. The scale's broken. I'm not kidding.
Well, we are getting wrapped up, excited. Monday y'all. Please don't forget about us. We so desperately need your prayer coverage to bridge the gap for us. We'll be the arms, if you'll hold them up. I'll write more as I'm able. Love y'all.

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