Friday, June 13, 2008

Jet Lag

Whoa. Jet lag is such a strange thing! The sun says that it is afternoon, yet the body thinks that it is the middle of the night. It is just so strange. Well, we are doing well adjusting. Toria woke up at 4am last night, and informed us very boldly that she was awake! After letting her know that it wasn’t time to get up, she continued to say, “I’m awake. Mama, I’m awake,” as if to fully justify wanting to get up out of bed, at 4am. After some struggle, she finally went back to sleep about an hour later. Then both of the girls slept until about 8:30 in the morning. They now seem to be back on schedule. My husband spent the day in Nairobi taking care of business and getting some things set up for us, while the girls and I spent a restful day around the hotel. We took a walk over to Nairobi University to look around, and Toria found a flower the size of her head. She carried that thing around all afternoon until we got back to the hotel, at which point she set it on Baba’s desk as a gift for him when he would return from the city.

In the evening, David showed up at the hotel and was able to meet his nieces once again. Toria was so excited to see her Uncle David! We had a great evening in fellowship with our brother! I believe that tomorrow we will be heading to Kisumu and we will begin preparing for the trainings that are coming up. We will see how the day goes tomorrow as to when we will leave exactly. That’s all for tonight. Love y’all!


  1. Hi Okongos!
    Thank you for the news. I was going to call your mom by tomorrow to see how things were going because hadn't received any emails until tonite. I hadn't thought of checking your blog. Really great to hear that things are going well through last Friday. Can you guys get hold of a malaria net for the kids? They may not be that accessable there, don't know. Let us know. If hard to get there, maybe we can work something from this end. We are praying for you on the mesquitos, the vehicle, and the start of your work along with success on the daily tasks ahead.
    Tell Okongo "Happy Father's Day" and that he is the father of two of the cutest girls in the world.
    Love & prayers,
    Randy & Nancy

  2. Hello, Okongos!
    Thank you, Shauna, for keeping us informed and entertained with your blog! :-)
    Are you working on a calendar of your guy's events and travels so that we can pray specifically for you each day? I'd love to have that as I'm sure others would.
    Blessings to you all!
    David T.

  3. Greetings and Blessings to all of you. We are praying for you and Thankful that Michael reminded us to check out your blog. The pictures are precious. We will continue to check your blog on a daily basis. Let us know where you are going and we will be praying for your travels. Stay strong in the Lord !!!!

    God Bless!
    Jim M.


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