Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pausing in London

Hey friends,
So we are currently in London, with about 4 more hours in our layover before we complete the journey to Nairobi. I have not yet slept since we woke up on Monday morning. My eyes are a bit heavy and burning, to say the least. But by God's grace and His strength, we will all get through this. The girls have done marvelously thus far. Juju is currently taking a quick nap on daddy's chest and Toria is resting quietly next to me on this hard bench. We have had quiet, uneventful flights thus far and are looking forward to this last leg.
We praise God for His mercy in getting all checked in. The lady who checked our many bags in didn't even flinch at the slight overages that each bag seemed to have. They were all a few pounds over the accepted limit, and yet she slapped tags on all of them and sent them on their way. Thank you Father for that mercy.
I can't think of much else to tell you as of yet, other than to sadly report that I made the most expensive Starbucks run I have ever made. Here in London, precious Starbucks drinks are almost twice the price in the states, and they weren't even as good! But it was an added jolt to get me to the plane, so all in all it was worth it. Never again, though.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. I will write more as I am able. We land in Nairobi Wednesday morning at around 6:30, which would be Tuesday night Tucson time (10hr difference). Grace and peace to all. Love you!


  1. Praying for your strength my friend. I'm happy to hear the girls are doing so well. May they continue to do so. We love you guys, Whites

  2. Praise God for carrying you all this far. Prayers lifted up for continued uneventful travel. Kids can make or break a trip... it's merciful for YOU, mama and papa, that they are calm. Smooches, The Sextons (Hugh says that everything in London is expensive.... returning from his missions trip to Slovakia... flight cancelled and had to stay overnight in London. 1 overnight stay in hotel, 1 hamburger/fries/coke dinner... $650 US dollars!!)


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