Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Capture: Play

This week we had so much fun playing. I found a nearby playground where the girls could run and climb and stretch their legs, and needless to say, they loved it to no end. As blessings would go, there were friends there as well, so the girls got to play with friends, play in the dirt, and climb. What a great day!

The next day we went to a great little place called Busy Bee where the girls got to do painting and various arts and crafts projects. They played with kitchens and blocks, and glitter and scissors. It was so great to see them being kids again, exploring and creating. Sometimes that is a challenge when we are so out of our element here, but we are managing and this was a great fun day for them!


For more great photos of play, stop by I Should Be Folding Laundry and check out the other You Capture shots! It's always fun! Maybe you could join along as well.

What did you capture this week?


  1. Your photo processing is so beautiful. When you get back you're going to have to give me a tutorial. Starting with...what program do you even use to edit photos. I'm a rookie!

  2. The last two are adorable! Such pretty girls!

  3. I'm with Donita how do you edit it is great!

    Such pretty girls!


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