Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Links of Love

So I have discovered a few new (new to me) blogs that are worth mentioning. I love blogs that are real and honest and vulnerable. Maybe there are some out there who have it all figured out and have all the answers, but I appreciate those who are willing to share the journey along the way rather than just daisies, rainbows, and unicorns all the time. Those are folks from whom I can learn because they are willing to share their failures as well as their victories. So when I came across this blog, Storing Up Treasures, my heart just did a back-flip over her authenticity and true beauty. She is bold and graceful and honest, and I have loved every post I have read. Especially this post, and this post, and this post.

And of course, through one great blog, you are bound to find several others. This one did not disappoint. I found two other blogs: Small Things and Natural Suburbia. They are both full of witty, crafty ideas for mothering, parenting, loving, living, etc. And they are both full of tutorials and beautiful photography.

My pastor's wife just started a blog, and I am over-the-top excited about it, as her honesty and love of Jesus combine in a very gracious and beautiful manner. I have so thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her, and have loved the thoughts that she has put out in the blogosphere. You can find her here, at Living with Moxie. She is truly an amazing woman of God, and I have much to learn from her.

So that's what I've got for today. Maybe tomorrow I can share about this crafty bug that I've got right now. I have an urge to knit something, or crochet and afghan, or sew an apron...or something! More on that later.

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  1. Wow! Thanks, Shauna! You are so encouraging to me! :)


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