Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Capture: Everyday Things

Today's You Capture challenge is Everyday Things. Oh, this one was fun, because it caused me to take another look at little things that I might otherwise overlook, take for granted. Turns out, my everyday things are quite beautiful, bring many smiles, and hours of entertainment. I had taken some photos of our everyday tea, carafe, and the cooking utensils, since I feel like I spend quite a bit of time cooking here. But it turns out, my precious angels are so much more my everyday. Between the arts and crafts, funny faces, running and squealing, and lots of loves and hugs, they are a joy to me that I do not want to overlook or ever take for granted. I am a blessed mama.
Juju is wearing her craft for the morning. She was very proud of the hat that she made.

Toria with ever busy hands, creating, creating.

Run and squeal, run and squeal. Repeat.

She is quite the ham when the camera comes out. 
And I could just nibble on those cheeks all day. Oh wait. I do.

Endless funny faces. Endless life and vibrance in this gift of God. 
She just makes me laugh. All day. 

This would be her surprised look. 
Quiet, unassuming, and outrageously funny.
I mean seriously, I am totally, head over heels, in complete adoration of these girls. 
Everyday. Even the hard ones. 

Those are my everyday joys. Hop on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry to check out other shots of everyday things. Can't wait to see what others have captured.

What about you? What have you captured this week?


  1. SO sweet! Great pictures and a great everyday to have. :)

  2. They are so adorable. I just love those everyday pictures!


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