Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bride

Words are too easily spoken, 
in haste, in anger, in foolishness;
creates division and assumptions.
Where words are many,
sin is not far behind.

And there was one 
who sent a message to the groom,
Disparaging the bride.

The audacity, the bold-crass move of
Tearing down the bride
to the covenant bridegroom,
Cutting down perceived faults
Launching arrows of half-truths based on
inadequate knowledge
And perceived judgments.

Going to the groom to tear down the beloved bride.
What sort of evil does this?

But my heart too has unleashed disdain for another’s Bride,
Her brokenness and faults apparent in such human ways.

My heart has criticized her fleshly manners,
and the hurt has welcomed bitterness,
which always leave the door open for resentment.
Unsuspecting expectations sprawl out in disappointment;
The lofty standard of holiness left in unattainable air.

This Bride is fallen and not as perfect as her beautiful Groom,
And so it has been held against her.

Judge not my Bride,
for She is my body.
She is my love,
and the One for whom I have already
spilled my blood.

How His heart must ache when we, His children,
speak ill of His beloved,
speak ill of each other.

And yet the Bride is called to be one,
Christ glorified,
Father magnified,
Prodigals stupefied,
As they gaze in wonder and awe.

What sort of evil tears down the Bride to her Beloved?
The evil lurks in my own heart,
While repentance has served its eviction notice.

This is an early link up to beautiful Emily's blog, in the hush of the moon. Be sure to stop by there Thursdays for some amazing poetry.


  1. nice twist...and cut straight to the heart...i have been guilty as well...and love those last couple lines...

    my imperfect prose

  2. i've been debating the "de-converted" and it helped me to see the justice, mercy and love -- and His goals for us -- in God's redemptive plan. this is a devotional about that love and purpose.

  3. Where words are many,
    sin is not far true and so convicting...thank you for this perspective!

  4. Wow, I never thought of it from that perspective before. I love the line "while repentance has served its eviction notice". Thank you - I will remember this.

  5. i have chill bumps reading this. i once heard someone refer to the hurt brought on by believers to one another as sheep bites, and that made me chuckle. yours here makes me cry--ashamed at my own hurtful ways and sorry for my prolonged bitternesses when i was hurt. these are deep, and moving words.

  6. there is perceived power in the tongue, isn't there...thank you for being raw and transparent with this message...

  7. AND this is why I try (and pray) to love the church, and it's Christians, despite the difficulty of it. Thank you. Grace, it's what we need.

  8. reminded me of the verse - who is she coming out of the desert - leaning against her bridegroom...a strong, pure spotless bride!

  9. you strike a deep, necessary chord here, friend... there is prophecy in your prose. you make me beg grace. beautifully written. thank you so much for linking... peace, e.

  10. You speak real (hard) truth here, Shauna. Thank you for your poetic message of grace.

  11. this is a much needed reminder scant days after my pastor announced his resignation. i wrestle with speaking words of truth, but not ones that are evil, hateful or destructive. thanks for the beautiful, evocative reminder.

  12. bravo,
    what a honest and lovely reflection of human life...
    in God you trust,
    stay cool!

  13. How humbling. Thank you for sharing such heartfelt words.

    Ruth v

  14. Oh YES! Pastors wife here...we see the very ugliest of the slight here yes? I pray that you can find forgiveness and that your bride can heal! Praying for you!


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