Friday, August 13, 2010

Pursuit of a New Normal

I see the divine in their eyes, the precious innocence that keeps their wellspring pure,
And I am keenly aware of the pressure to get this right.
And by get it right,
The only possible thing I could refer to is grace,
Becoming a woman who embodies and extends grace,
As there is so very much I have received.

Their normal is one I have never known.
Even I am learning, perceiving, taking in, absorbing.
The baby slept as we prayed over a mad man in the den.
He was clothed in prayer, and then our own rags.
The eldest watched on, unphased by the happenings.
She knew it was time for the divine.

A life undisciplined will not bear the sweetness of vines tended.
But a life of routine risks ruts and roots lacking passion.
Teetering between the two, desperate to stay centered,
That their laughter is ever grounded in the security of the Father.

Steam rises, dances from the tea that sits before me now.
Like a worshipper, dancing around the fire
Lifting holy hands to God, offering whole self as living sacrifice.
The worshippers are gathering at the circle,
Acutely in tune, in sync, in rhythm with the community as it dances together,
And yet all eyes are focused on the Throne alone,
As if there is no one else in the room.

The gaze of the King embraces, warm and focused, yet gentle and cushioned.
Of all the worshippers in the room, the eyes of the Almighty see me.
Emotions balls at the throat, climbing higher.
Breath escapes me, stuttering, stammering
Unsure of whether it is tears or laughter that are soon to belt out,
The body explodes in praise.
And the dance grows wilder and the voice grows louder
Because love has set me free with eyes to see the divine.

Gratitude meets grace
And a new normal defines us all.

Today I am linking up to Imperfect Prose at In the hush of the moon. I'm excited and certainly humbled to join this community. Hop on over to take in some amazing prose and poetry.


  1. This is breathtaking Shauna. Oh to be lost in worship and praise - to live wholly centered in Him.
    Thank you for visiting. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. this is SO well written... gratitude meets grace... lovely. thank you so much for linking up, friend. xo

  3. Dancing in worship and praise to the Savior...glorious.

  4. Hi Shauna,

    I tried to post a comment but it didn't post :(

    I can't remember if you have comment moderation?

    So I'll try again, just in case blogger lost the first comment.

    I like the idea of finding a new normal through His grace. We are all doing this, I think, as we walk with the King. There is always this putting off of "normal" and adjusting to the "new normal." Sometimes this is painful. Hence, we need Grace. May you have grace for your journey today, sister.

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my post. It's nice to meet you here through Imperfect Prose!

  5. I'm so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! Yes and amen to this post. Prayer and praise - there's nothing like it. Oh, what an adventure to be a believer.

  6. I love your writing, pictures, and your obvious heart for God and your family. I look forward to interacting with you on the web. :) Welcome to High Calling Blogs!


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