Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching up just a bit

Wow, summer is in full swing, and I have fallen horribly behind on so many things, including this blog! My husband just returned last night from spending the last two weeks in West Africa, and some of his stories are mind-blowing. God is moving and calling His people to Himself. It's just awesome!! I will try to share some stories as I am able.

My girls started swim lessons today, which was so much fun!! I was in the water with Juju, who was very reluctant initially, but then seemed to really enjoy herself. For some reason, though, Toria didn't seem to enjoy it quite as much. She was with an instructor, and several other children, but Toria seemed to spend the majority of her lesson time sitting on the wall, outside the water. And when she was in the water, she was clinging to the instructor with everything in her. Maybe she likes the idea of learning how to swim, but is not to thrilled with the actual process. We'll see how tomorrow goes. She has assured me that she will spend more time in the water tomorrow.

Hannah is continuing to do well, growing and growing. Today she is 7 weeks old, and I am just terribly in love with her. She is a fantastic cuddler, though she's about as hot as they come. Or maybe I'm just hot and she amplifies it. Either way, whenever I hold her, and she nestles in, as much as I love it, I immediately begin to sweat. And sweat. And sweat. Anyhow, next week we have her 8 week check-up, so we'll see how much my chunky monkey weighs. She has the most luscious rolls on her thighs, even down to her ankles. And her tummy is just outright kissable, which I do, often.

That's it in a nutshell. I am beside myself to have my hubby back home safe, anxious for the day that the Lord allows all of us to go back together. I am desperately trying to figure out a new routine so that everything gets done, somehow stumbling everyday to get anything done. I did manage to get a swim workout in today, though (thanks to my man being home!) and I felt so great afterwards!! Here's to reclaiming my pre-baby body, or at least a slower, slightly older, definitely more saggy version of it. Hope everyone is having a great week thus far. Happy summer!


  1. I'm so glad he's home! Yeah for God and safety!

  2. Happy summer to you as well. Good to catch up with your family and so glad your husband is back home!



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