Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isn't Life Interesting?

As I have rambled on through life's journey, I have experienced some incredible highs that can only be attributed to the goodness of an amazing God. 

The day that I got married to the man of my dreams was one of those incredible highs, as I knew my Prince Charming, my tall, dark and handsome, had finally come. 

The birth of my daughters were also incredible highs, though I admittedly don't do well with sleep deprivation. 

That is Toria, my big fat baby.
 That is Princess Juju.

Serving God in various regions of Africa have been life-altering highs. Through all these highs, it was with great joy to share the reality of it all with friends and family. But I have also learned in life's journey, that there are incredible lows as well, seasons that seem to go on for far too long and with great pain and heartache. Those realities I have also tried to share for several reasons.

1. May it never seem  like I have it all together, as has been painfully apparent over the last several months. That would be the most incorrect assumption possible. 
2. Maybe someone has been through this ahead of me and can offer some insight or reminders of God's greatness even in these tough times. 
3. Maybe someone is in it now and might not feel so alone in the battle, as the isolation is almost as painful as the battle itself. 

Please don't judge me or my family for this, my brokenness. The night may be dark now, but I know that a morning is coming in some form or another, at some point in time. And I know that with that morning dawn, His mercies are new. So in the meantime, I am craving mercy and craving peace, and longing for the morning dawn.

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  1. I think everyone travels that same road at some point or another. Keep your head up, and your eyes, ears and heart on God. He will never give you more than you can handle. I came across your blog through a friends. Hope this helps, I went through similar stuff at the end of '07 into '08, but learned so much from it and wouldn't change anything. Much love! Rachel


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