Monday, March 23, 2009

33 Weeks...Getting closer, and bigger

Ok, here we are. 33 weeks and counting. Yes, there is only one baby in there, but it seems that she is a bit large. Last week I had a growth scan and ultrasound done and she was weighing in a 5lb 6oz. At 32 weeks!! I know newborns born at that weight!! And this one still has 7 weeks to grow, or so.  

She is getting heavy, my hips are taking a beating these days, but if you will notice, I still have ankles and toes, mostly. Work is getting harder, but I seem to make it around. My prego waddle is a lot more noticeable by the end of a shift! But my sugar levels are good, baby Hannah is super active (she loves to bounce her fat head on my bladder!), and we're moving along.

I've been doing a bit of nesting lately, trying desperately to feel more prepared. So I got her a little gown to go home from the hospital, complete with socks and a blanket.

And this super cool diaper caddy that I just love!! Now, the diapers currently in there are a bit large, and they are for Princess Juju. I haven't had the strength or energy to attempt to potty train Juju yet, so the diapers remain. But there will be smaller diapers in fun caddy once Hannah comes to join us on the outside.

Ok, that's where we are now. Grace and peace y'all!


  1. "Baby Hannah" Oh I love it! I can't wait to meet her.

    I still have half a bag of Newborn diapers that are yours if you want them. Little Tiny Baby Bottoms! So wonderful.


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