Friday, September 3, 2010

Touching Base

So, I haven't been around the blogosphere quite as much this past week or so. Today marks two weeks left in Kenya until we fly back to the states, so we have been trying to make like tourists and soak up as much of what we can do around Nairobi as possible. So we visited the Karen Blixen museum and coffee plantation. For those not familiar, she is the author of "Out of Africa," which became a movie in 1985 with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Good movie, actually, if you haven't seen it.
We visited the elephant orphanage and had fun watching the silly elephants nurse from bottles. Toria was bored within a few minutes though and ready to move.
So, while we enjoy our remaining time in Kenya, I will try to post some photos so you can see too. Here are some for starters.

Elephant orphanage
African sister love
Always in motion

Spying the elephant in the bush

Peaceful as a flower...


  1. are you all returning home for good, then? (by home i meant stateside; i'm not sure that is your home in retrospect) i can't imagine having been in kenya and returning to the states. i pray for an easy transition for all of you!

  2. Are you a missionary? How did you end up in Kenya? I love reading your blog :)

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