Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hakuna sheda

Hakuna sheda!
No problem!
There are no problems, indeed.
Hakuna sheda.

Horns sound, hoot in a friendly manner,
Alerting rather than cursing.
Cars weave in and out,
on and off the road,
Taxis and buses swerve in and out,
bicycles litter the road,
while pedestrians weave in and out of it all.
And in this disorganized chaos of Africa roads,
There is an understanding of humility,
Of seeing others as more important than oneself.
Hakuna sheda.

Right of way is forfeited,
Hands wave others to pass or cut in.
Intersections are meetings grounds where one slows down and rolls through,
Rather than cruising through with confidence of right of way.
Hakuna sheda

And with the release of fighting for rights
Comes the release of others,
Allowing each to navigate without judging or irritation.
You cannot offend me, 
as I have chosen to not be offended.
Hakuna sheda.

A man’s wisdom gives him patience; 
it is to his glory to overlook an offense.
There is a humility here, in this place,
That is unmatched anywhere else.
And I am learning the way of
Hakuna sheda.

Linking up to Emily at in the hush of the moon. Stop by for some amazing poetry.


  1. beautiful - and what i liked most...You cannot offend me,
    as I have chosen to not be offended...

  2. sounds like a great thing to be learning...i too like the choosing not to...

  3. Your writing reflects your beauty... inside and out.

  4. I just loved this and I'm humbled by it. Beautiful. . .

  5. i have chills, for this post is beauty and i'm seeking this humility, and this believing others better than myself. oh girl, you write so well. what a holy link. thank you. xo

  6. I'd like to learn the way of Huna sheda, too.

    "Comes the release..." How freeing it is to let go. Thank you! Beautifully written.

  7. Hakuna sheda - how beautiful! And how beautiful your writing is. The last stanza is so gorgeous it choked me up. If only everyone could have the opportunity to learn this way.

  8. What a thing to seek! If only I knew that way, had walked those paths in life. But it's never too late to start and you remind me of that here!

  9. Humility is a beautiful thing portrayed perfectly by our Savior. Your words are beautiful, also.

  10. A man’s wisdom gives him patience.. That's true...!! Loved the lines, woven beautifully

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