Saturday, May 9, 2009

Allow Me to Introduce to You...

Well, the pregnancy is finally over, praise Jesus! And we have a beautiful baby girl to show for all the hard work. My doc decided that induction was the best option, as the baby was quite large, my fluid levels were very low and her movement had decreased drastically. So, here I am at 39 weeks, dropping the girls off with their grandparents as we head in to the hospital.

Mercy, my belly was heavy!!

Meet Hannah Imani Okongo, born May 5th, 2009 at 8:44pm.

She weighed 9lb, 13oz and was 21.2 inches long!

I can't believe all that was packed into my belly! It is truly amazing!

This is my doctor, who is amazingly patient and compassionate. She has been there for the births of all three of my girls, and has just been a pure blessing to my heart. The other lady in the picture is a very dear friend, who has also been there for all three births. All of my girls were threatened with admissions to the NICU after birth due to complications with my gestational diabetes. Jamie has kept my girls out of the NICU, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

I love snuggle time! Hannah has a great latch-on and LOVES to eat!

Proud daddy.

Ahh. This is a common pose. Daddy holds baby. Baby falls asleep. Daddy falls asleep. 
Well, that's what I have for now. The girls love their new sister and have enjoyed "holding" her and petting her head. They really have done so well with her. We are getting settled in to having a newborn in the house again, and I seem to be recovering fairly well, just praying for more sleep. 
Grace and peace y'all. 


  1. super congrats!!! It's great to see a healthy baby girl. She is beautiful!!

  2. congratulations and blessings on your recovery. that daddy/daughter nap picture is just precious. happy mothers' day:)

  3. Hannah is beautiful just like your other 2. I can't wait to visit in person on the 14th. See you then.

  4. Congratulations! She's beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day (just a little late)!



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