Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Redeeming Trip to the Children's Museum

So, this past Friday I thought we would attempt to redeem Fun Friday, and even venture back to the Tucson Children's Museum. If you recall, our last trip to the Children's Museum was less than fun. So I thought we'd give it another go. This trip was so much fun, and definitely redeemed Fun Friday.
We started off by doing a little operation.

That would be my baby girl extracting a bone. Just makes a mama proud!

And while big sister was completing her surgery, little Juju found a baby doll...
cause that's what she does.

That look is classic for her...
excuse are in the princess' space. 
I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

so I can change my baby. Thank you.

Toria thought the motorcycle was so incredibly cool.

And then it was craft time, where Toria proudly practiced writing her letters. 

Music time!!

So, they thought the dinosaur was super cool...right up until it moved, then it was cool no longer.

If you notice the pigtails, they're in motion. As they ran back to where I was sitting, yelling, "He's gonna eat me!"  Yeah, they might have nightmares over that one. 

And then, we came upon this! This wonderful contraption, this marvelous creation. It had little silver balls that were being shot all over the thing through various tunnels and routes, and then lifted the balls back up again on a hoyer lift sort of thing, just to shoot them out again (didn't that sound technical!). This slowed my three year old down. Froze her in her tracks, mezmerized. She was like a bug looking at the light..."I can't help it..." 

Do you see that look? My baby is so inquisitive. I have seen that look many times over, as the wheels are turning and she's trying to figure out how it works, how she can take it apart, and how it can be rebuilt. 

Seriously, sucked her in.

I've gotta get one of these for the house.

We ended the trip with some simple puzzles and sit-down time.

Juju is learning and learning, trying with everything in her to keep up with her sister. She was worn out by this point.

But somehow this little mind just keeps on going. If I could have an ounce of her energy, I'd be in great shape.

We had such a great time! 
No stolen drums. 
No wet pants. 
No lost children. 
No broken shoes. 
Fun Friday is back. hehe.

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  1. I bet that good trip redeemed your spirits a bit too?! So much fun and the girls are darling!


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