Thursday, March 27, 2008

Even Princesses Have to Walk

Our youngest daughter has been so cautious when it comes to walking on her own. She was more than happy to walk anywhere, as long as she could hold on to something. She does not fall well. This is a stark contrast to the first one, who just barreled through anything for the sake of being mobile. She would fall, stand up, dust herself off, and stumble off to do it all over again. Not Juju. She wants to get it right before she attempts it at all. But she is finally starting to take some steps on her own.

If you listen closely to her complaints in the next clip, you just might make out, "The Princess should not have to walk!! I should be carried!!"

In the meantime, I had sent our older daughter to get her pajamas after having taken a bath. I realized that she was gone for quite some time and that she was awfully silent. That is usually not a good a combination. This is what I found.

Caught! She was sitting on the floor, reading a book in the dark! She just makes me laugh! Funny kid. Give her a book and all is right with the world. My babies are growing so fast!! They are such a blessing to me.

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  1. ahh! She's walking! Man, she is growing fast. We have to get together Shauna, it's been too long. Noah is crawling now! And, yesterday he cut two more teeth!

    Anyway, love you all. Thank you for sharing.

    - Esteban


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